weekend wonderland

As far as weekends go, the last few have been pretty darn good.

The excitement of Mother’s Day weekend was heightened by my {not so} baby brothers and favorite cousin GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE! So I would first like to apologize to all of them because their individual landmarks in time are going to all be clumped together in this one sentence: My family is amazing.

Jan does more for me than is normal for any mom, friend, accountability partner, therapist, or comedian is expected to do, and she is all of those rolled up in one {plus more}. I can’t even entertain the thought of a world without her. 🙂

{mommy’s day pics to come}

And these brothers of mine…I can’t believe they did it! Okay, wait, that didn’t come out right…I can believe they graduated, but I can’t believe it is already here. I don’t normally cry at the right moments in life. I don’t cry in movies, I don’t cry at weddings, funerals, or good-byes, but I was a big huge baby at these guys’ graduation ceremony. I mean, I had to whip out my phone and play a game of Sudoku to keep myself from weeping when each of their names were called. But I couldn’t be more proud of those guys and am so excited to get to share this “real world” with them. It is going to be quite an adventure!

And then there’s my cousin, Elizabeth. You all know her. You learned how cool she is on this post. She is amazing, and now she is a real life grownup too?! Blowing my mind, guys. Hopefully Elizabeth and I will be sharing many adventures to come. We are kindred spirits, ready for adventure!

But don’t let Mother’s Day get overlooked! My family celebrated our mothers and graduates by having dinner in Allen at … . I had the most wonderful salad! It was full of fruit, chicken, and nuts {and a little less of the icky green stuff}. Mamaw and Papaw were in town, which was just the cherry on top of the sundae. Incredible weekend.


This past weekend was a blur. On Friday, friend Deanna and I drove all the way to Springfield, MO to watch our dear friends, Caroline and Clayton get hitched! It was truly a magical evening. You remember how I never cry at the right moments? Well I was an absolute mess during their ceremony. Is it possible that I am actually getting more emotional as I get older?? Please, no! The 10 hour each way road trip was a blast, and totally worth it. It wouldn’t have been complete without little Jan riding in the backseat playing dj! 🙂 Plus, I got to catch up with “Ms. Dempsey,” THE biggest Baylor sports fan you will ever meet. {Too bad she’s dating an Aggie–just kidding, D!}

{look at that view!}

{greatest groom’s cake ever created}

{managed to snag a pi phi angel pic with the bride}

Gotta love and cherish these celebration weekends!

How did you spend your weekend?

And so it goes,


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