letters for tuesday: please and thank-yous

Dear alarm on my phone, please continue to beep, loudly, even when I push the dismiss button.

Dear Tuesday that feels like a Monday, please hurry and get to the good stuff.

Dear Chobani Greek Yogurt, please start tasting less like straight up sour cream and more like the GoGurt of my youth. Or ice cream.

Dear nice,Β cute guy from Starbucks this morning, please come back tomorrow at 7:36am. I’ll be the one who orders a grande, 2-Splenda ice coffee and is wearing a smile.

Dear roommate, thank you for being so sweet and cute and happy and for making coffee every morning. πŸ™‚

Dear chocolate Shakeology, thank you for inspiring me to be healthy but please hurry up and get here so I can make you into a yummy dinner.

Dear sunburn from Memorial Day Weekend, thank you for being proof of a great weekend. Please turn into a beautiful, golden tan {yeah, right} and do not peel.

Dear MIBIII, thank you for being totally awesome and far exceeding my expectations.


And so it goes,

How was your weekend? Long or short? Sun or shade? BBQ? Music?


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