hey now, you’re a rockstar

Do you have a theme song for your life? You know, like, a song that defines you so well that it must have been written exactly for you {I wish!}? Or a song that you walk to the beat through the halls of your office? One that you rock out to shamelessly in the car. Or a song that would be your walk-up song if you were the next Josh Hamilton? Yeah, just dreamin’ on that last one.

Confession: I do have theme songs. Constantly. I guess I’m just a dork like that.

I sing the Pink Panther theme song in my head when I walk around dark corners in my apartment at night.

I make up my own “do-do-doooo” theme song when I’m twiddling my thumbs.

In the car when I’m driving in the sunshine with the windows rolled down, sometimes I think of The Show  or Springsteen as my theme songs.


I sing All I Do is Win or I’ll Make a Man Out of You {Mulan} or Hey, Ho, Let’s Go in my head when I’m trying to pump myself up to do something {usually run}.

It really just depends, friends. And I know I can tell you this very secret, embarrassing thing about myself because you won’t tell anyone, right?

I could be singing Christmas songs, Disney songs, rap songs…whatever. But I always, always have a song stuck in my head and I will always, always accidentally sing it out loud to you. Always. Embarrassing.

Anyways, this week {thanks to the wonderful Katie Cockerham} I have two new theme songs, or theme groups, rather. They are… drumroll…

The Lumineers {especially this song!}

and The Civil Wars. {Duh, who doesn’t like them?!}

a picture of Cinque Terre {because a pretty picture makes every post a little better}

So those are some of my theme songs. What are yours? Do you rock out to ACDC? Do you play the Indiana Jones theme song in your mind?


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