love of the game

I love the blog world. I love to blog. It is one of my most favorite things to do. But equal in my liking write blogs is to read blogs. I love reading the stories of other strong, confident, adventurous people  around the world {how cool is that}, like Marissa from the boot. I read her stories and I feel like I know her and yet she lives clear across the country (and sometimes clear across the globe) from me! It is amazing. {Hah, okay, I realize that I am starting to sound like a grandma here being all amazed at our global society. Oy, get out the knitting needles.}

Not only that, but my fellow bloggers inspire me. Although it is easy to get bogged down in all of the things I do not have when it appears that they do (fancy clothes, exciting adventures, travel stories), most of the time I just feel inspired. Inspired to do what, you ask? Well, you know me. I tend to get excited a lot, which is followed by ridiculous goal setting and eventual failure. Oops. But when I’m not getting over-excited and making lofty goals for myself, I am inspired to do things like:

Continue writing my blog
Try to wear more accessories
Try a wacky new nail polish color
Be persistent in finding and being a source of joy
Attempt daily crunches
Cook a healthy meal

I will probably never meet any of the people whom I stalk via their stories and pictures and videos posted on the wonderful world wide web, but I wish I could. I wish I could meet all of you. It would be intimidating because you are all oh-so cool, but I wish you could all come to Dallas this weekend and I would take you on my very artsy-fartsy weekend extravaganza I have planned!

We would:
Go see Coriolanus at the Samuell-Grand Ampitheatre
Ride our bikes to taste the best fruit in the entire world (okay, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here) at the Dallas Farmer’s Market. Then buy beautiful, flavorful avocados and eat them with spoons and sea salt.
Layout in the 100 degree sunshine on my downtown apartment’s rooftop pool
Drink yummy margaritas on the way cool patio at Iron Cactus
Go see Legally Blond the musical (yes, we’re that awesome here in Dallas)

That would just be the starting lineup! What fun we would have! Oh well, guess I’ll just have to have all the fun with my friends and family here in town and be content in simply reading your blogs.

Happy Weekend, dear invisible friends!


and so it goes,


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