an evening with the bard


Last night I went to the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre to see Coriolanus put on by Shakespeare Dallas. It was awesome! We got there early to claim the prime viewing territory and brought lots of yummy snacks like cherries and salumi and crackers to munch on for dinner. It was really hot until the sun went down, but as if right on cue, the sun sunk just as the play was starting.


{my sweet new roommate let me borrow her “big girl” camera for the evening. look how cool this picture of my brother turned out! what a cutie, eh? he’s single, ladies!}

And let me tell you, Shakespeare is meant to be seen this way. Forget trying to enjoy reading Romeo and Juliet in high school English class or watching the dumb ol’ movies. No. You have to spend at least one evening this summer watching these fabulous players reenact one of the Bard’s stories for you. I hadn’t even ever read Coriolanus and I was jaw-slacked and mesmerized throughout the play.

I even picked up a new comeback line from Mr. Shakespeare! “More of your conversation would infect my mind.” Take that!

and so it goes,


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