batter up

Do you all know about a little team called the Texas Rangers? They’re really no big deal. Just division champions for the past two years. Jan (mamasita!) and I love to go to the games. Love.

Last weekend Jan was so excited. She bought tickets for the Saturday night Rangers game a week in advance. That’s a lot of planning and excitement, yall. Long story short, it wasn’t until Friday night that we realized the game was in the afternoon, not evening and if you know anything about Texas in June, you should know that afternoons are HOT. 104 hot. Mars hot.

Anyways, we decided to go, despite the heat, and ended up having a great time {mostly thanks to the yummy concession stand jumbo hot dogs and six water bottles (wisely packed by Jan)}. And thanks to the free napkins served with the concession goodies, David {dadio} and I were able to keep the sweat at bay. Just barely. Our Rangers lost, but it was worth the trip because I got to practice my photography skills!

Here are some of my attempts:




Love these filters by the CameraBag app!

Happy weekend! I’ll be spending mine in Little Rock, Arkansas, “The Homeland.”

What are you doing this weekend?

and so it goes,


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