Today in Arkansas, Mamaw woke me up with the inviting fragrance of bacon frying on the griddle. I practically floated out of bed and into the kitchen, my nose leading the way. After we fixed a few eggs and a piece of toast, we went outside to drink our coffee and water the flowers.

“So Katie, I was thinking that we could walk a little bit and then fix our face and go to the mall. Then we should get our nails done at the beauty shop.”

Music to my ears.

After a day of primping we are heading to Murray’s Dinner Playhouse to see Barefoot in the Park. It should be a jolly good time!

Looking forward to a little day of girlspiration!

Mamaw’s beautiful flowers, taken with my Windows phone:





and so it goes,


2 thoughts on “girlspiration

  1. Nothing is as much fun as a visit to Grandparent’s house, some of the best memories ever! Have a wonderful visit – and the flowers look beautiful! Enjoy Murray’s (and the pampering)!

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