marsha, marsha, marsha

When we were kids, our main thrill of going home to visit Mamaw and Papaw in Arkansas were, 1. to go to the farm with Papaw and see our cows, and 2. to go to Murray’s Dinner Playhouse to stuff our faces and then ooo and ahhh over the play or musical. Last weekend, grown-up Michael and I did both, and found that neither activity has lost an ounce of its excitement.

While Michael put on his coveralls and hitched up the wagon and horses to venture out to the farm {just kidding, they have a truck}, Mamaw and I primped.

After a well-deserved nap {on the boys’ parts}, it was cleaning up and then off to Murray’s!

Murray’s fed us a glorious southern dinner of mashed potatoes, gravy, roast, and rolls {and all of that unhealthy stuff that my family likes to skip, like salad. ick.}. After we got up approximately 6.5 times to refill the roll plate, we grabbed dessert, of which there was plenty. Mister Michael picked up three whopping plates. That’s my little growing boy! He says he is allowed since he runs a lot. I say that’s just an excuse to get fat a little at a time instead of all at once. But it’s working for him so far.

Here we are before the show! Isn’t my Mamaw gorgeous?! She just had a birthday and turned…we’ll just say a year older since I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say her age out loud… but she sure doesn’t look a day past 60! Don’t we look so Brady Bunch-esque? If only I had glanced up or sideways or something.

That’s the stage in the bottom right corner. The dining room/theatre is so quaint and personal. We saw Neil Simon’s Barefoot in the Park. It was wonderful. A few of my all-time favorites were in it: Glen J. Gilbert and the wonderful Candyce Hinkle. Those two crack me up! We also got to know the spunky and talented Annie Gaarder who played Corie Bratter, the main character. She is originally from Arlington, TX but is busy becoming famous in the Big Apple. Thank goodness Little Rock stole her for a show!

If you are passing through the big L-R, you should definitely make plans to dine and entertain at Murray’s. It may not be the Gershwin Theatre {where I saw Wicked, my all-time favorite musical, duh}, but it sure makes for a great night in Little Rock!

The Sound of Music is coming July 24-September 1 and I know for a fact that this one happens to be ahhhh-mazing.

and so it goes,

P.S. For an entertaining recap of more trips to mama and papaw’s house, visit my cousin’s blog. She cracks me up! Click here to read one of her hilarious stories!


3 thoughts on “marsha, marsha, marsha

  1. It was great having you and Michael for a week-end. Makes me feel special that you’ll want to spend time with me and papaw. I remember all the fun we had at Murry’s enjoying the food and plays. Great times. You do a great job Katie. Love you

  2. It was so much fun visiting you guys! Sleeping in, homemade meals, quality time with mamaw and papaw… not to mention the ahhhmazing fresh garlic, onions, and tomatoes. What more could grandkids ask for?!

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