get a better laugh

“Get a better laugh – that one sounds like you’re crying.” This is just one small example of what might be {oh so sweetly} said to you if you have brothers. They are very direct, those boys, while we girls usually like to beat around the bush. “I just tell it like it is,” a guy once said to me. Oy, I wish you wouldn’t sometimes…

However brutal this tactic might be, it is actually quite lucky for us girls, most of the time. Guys tell us the straight up truth. From the guys in my life giving me this treatment, I have learned:

1) That I {obviously} must change my laugh asap. Thanks, Tyler.

2) Super scary skinny girls aren’t as attractive as we {fear} think they are. A little muscle never hurt anyone.

3) Wearing huge, bling earrings makes us look like wanna-be rappers. Too bad I wear mine anyways! {Sometimes guys are just plain wrong}

4) The magic of the double flush. If you don’t know what this is, congratulations, you are probably the most disliked person at your work restroom.

5) A love of all Mission Impossibles, Matrix, Mortal Combat, The Terminator, superhero themed, race scene, battle heavy movies.


What gems of wisdom have you learned from the fellas in your life?

and so it goes,


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