boil, boil, toil, and…yogurt?

When I was a little girl, I was Queen of what my parents liked to call, “magic potions.” I would combine ketchup, hot sauce, bbq sauce, salt, etc. and deem it magic and delicious. As my palette “refined,” I graduated to dipping Cheetos into chocolate pudding and Oreos into peanut butter. I just liked to mix odd things and always thought they were 100% amazing and that everyone should like them too.


Since grownup Katie is unable to eat chocolate Cheetos without gaining 10 pounds on the spot, I have had to find another outlet for my “Chef” tendencies. I think that is why I love Greek yogurt so much. It is rich, creamy, and you can mix anything in it to make a new creation. Sunflower seeds, nuts, raisins, honey, oats, dried fruit, fresh fruit… candy! {I would never do that, of course :)} Not to mention the health benefits. This stuff is protein city! My roommate buys this incredible granola from the Sunflower market and this morning I stole a little to add to my magic Greek yogurt potion. Throw in a little flax seed and drizzle of honey and I was set for an mmm mmm gooood breakfast!


What is your favorite “magic potion” creation?



and so it goes,



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