chocolate yogurt IS too good to be true

I’m not usually one for cliché statements, but I had 2 “epic fails” in the kitchen this morning.

Epic Fail #1: It all started with the shower. I knew I had to get to work early for an 8am meeting this morning so I trudged out of bed at the sound of my first alarm {go me!} and hopped innocently in the shower, beknownst to me that the thing really had a bone to pick. The water was scalding. It finally became so hot that I jumped out, conditioner everywhere, and rushed to try to rinse off in the kitchen. It was a no-go. Scalding hot water everywhere! I “manned up” {hah, look, another cliché statement. I’m on fire today!} and let the boiling water burn my scalp for about 30 seconds before I decided I could just deal with slimy, conditioner-y hair for today.

Epic Fail #2: As I contemplated breakfast with my scrambled brains from the hot water, I decided on chocolate Greek yogurt. Not the brightest idea. I tried to mix half a scoop of my chocolate Shakeology with the yogurt and a few nuts and flax seed and the yogurt became really thick and inedible so I added some…wait for it… almond milk. Now I had this brown mess that resembled slime, flubber, and gac in texture.

Lovely. But since I’m a waste not want not kind of gal, {you guessed it} I ate up. Maybe I’ll stick with eggs for breakfast tomorrow.

Have a happy Wednesday!

and so it goes,


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