i noticed that you’re gangster…

Fitness and health are two of my biggest passions, but also what I consider two of my most difficult responsibilities. In fact, I’m flat out bad at it. Is that an oxymoron? Can that even exist–a passion that you’re bad at? Anyways, I wake up every single day with the best intentions to have good fitness and health. Sometimes these intentions only last 10 minutes as I reach for leftover brownies for breakfast. But sometimes…Sometimes they last my entire 16 or so waking hours. Today has been one of those days. Here’s to hoping I make it another three!

Due to a late night of fun with my friend Rachel, I had a bit of a late start this morning and had to skip my usual leisurely breakfast. Womp womp. 😦 But I snagged a yummy grande ice coffee with one Splenda and a little bag of almonds from Starbucks before arriving at the office. That caffeine-filled baby lasted me all day long! Leftover grilled chicken and apple slices for lunch after my usual 11:30-12:30 weight workout {we did glutes, biceps, and abs today and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to walk tomorrow}. After sitting at my desk for another million hours, I just had to do a little cardio. My dad and I are training for a 5k together and just started using this little method:

We’re pretty psyched! I did the Week 1 for the fourth time today and it was {finally} a breeze. I guess that means Saturday I will start Week 2. Yeah, yeah, I know it seems kind of wimpy but if I don’t start with just a little run, I (a) burn out really quickly, and (b) hurt my knees. It isn’t pretty.

What 5k should I run? I’m thinking about the Plano Balloon Festival 5k on Sunday, September 23rd. Hot Air Balloons are a secret obsession of mine and my dad and I have always said we were going to ride in one someday. Maybe this is the year!

and so it goes,

P.S. Isn’t this poster hilarious? I work in a REALLY nerdy/dorky/geeky/awesome environment and this is the picture for one of my work friend’s skype. Ha!

Rangers game tomorrow, mah peeps! {Yeah, that gangster thing doesn’t really work for me, does it?}


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