training for the gold

In honor of the Olympics opening tonight, my company has decided to have a little Olympics of our own. Being that we are mostly all total nerds instead of killer athletes, we are hosting our games on the Xbox Kinect instead of in London on real tracks and pools and fields and such. Needless to say, I signed up right away.

Opening games start Monday morning with the carrying of the torch. Just imagine the computer geeks and IT guys passing a fake torch from department to department to the Olympics theme song. I’m anticipating the best Monday of all time. I just found out who my teammate is and we are going to dominate. Let’s just say secret handshake is in the works to add more awesome points to our already gold medal status. {Think I’m might be just a tad competitive?}

In order to train for this very intense video game competition, I naturally need to eat lots of protein to build my muscles, and hydrate so that I can last the entire 5 minutes that we will be playing each week. Therefore I am eating a big helping of pulled rotisserie chicken with lots of H2O {“Gatorade…H2O…Gatorade…H2O!” Any other Waterboy fans out there?}. I know it’s missing the big pile of greens, but that will just have to wait until the next paycheck. For now, it’s slim pickins at casa-de-Katie.


Too bad these babies have been taunting me all day. I will stay strong!

I think I can, I think I can. According to my coworker, the chocolate ones have bits of creamy chocolate inside as well. Must. Not. Give. In…

and so it goes,


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