Yep, that was my day. Except add in a lot of emotion in there between snack, dinner, and bed because my baby brother moved three hours away to start his “big kid” job and I’m about as sad as a protective big sister can be. I know three hours isn’t far, but you guys don’t understand, I just got him back and now he’s leaving to do big and great things for the city of Temple. And then, he’ll take over the world! {Pinky and the Brain reference anyone?} This is a sad/proud moment for sister {mamma} Katie.

Okay, gotta get off that subject or I’m going to start boo-hooing. {Is it just me or is being emotional super exhausting. I’m about to conk out typing this little entry!} So, new subject…

Oh yes, FOOD! That’ll work.

Today’s snack was sponsored by: “Coworker S.” {haha, do y’all remember on Sesame Street…”today’s episode is sponsored by…the letter z.” gotta love SS What is with all the little kid tv show references tonight??}. Coworker S took pity on an obnoxious growling stomach and a girl who forgot to pack a snack and donated these two beautiful items.

To equal…{drumroll…}

Look at all of that protein! And by the way, that key lime flavored greek yogurt was the best thing this tongue has ever tasted. I will be stocking up on my next trip to the grocery store.

When I started doing a little ants in my pants dance at my desk, I bundled up all of that energy and completed my second week 2 Color Run exercise in the 104 degree blazing Texas afternoon sun instead of going nowhere on the treadmill. And thanks to that poor decision, my face was red for the remainder of the day.

and so it goes,


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