i wish they all could be…

Can you finish that lyric?

This time tomorrow, while you’re cooking dinner and getting home from work, I’ll be livin’ it up in 70 degree weather, sunshine, watchin’ beautiful people shopping or swooning in the sand.

Where will I be?

San Diego, California! {Like my very stereotypical description of California people?}

I’m flying out bright n’ early and am thankful for a roommate who is kind enough to jump out of bed all perky and positive {unlike me, more than likely} early to give me a lift to the aeroporto. Then after shuffling to the rental car place {very technical term, yall}, I will pick friend H up at the train station and we will kill some time until we can check in at our hotel. The wedding isn’t until Friday evening so who knows what adventures we can find until then!

Confession: I am blogging, watching the Olympics, and doing laundry right now to procrastinate from packing.

But I know what I’m packing! And wearing to the airport. It’ll be something comfy yet cute…just in case I meet someone important–duh!

I’ll be wearing…

{this city mini in brilliant flame }

{with this plain white t}

{and this necklace}

Well, my necklace isn’t the real version…I got it on ebay but it faked out the Jcrew saleslady at the mall yesterday. Score!

Can’t wait to be a California girl with H this weekend and to see Mari and Kahler get hitched. It is going to be b-e-a-utiful!

and so it goes


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