blogging at a mile high

Note: I got really excited to write this post and send it out into the world from 30k feet in the air, but it didn’t work. But because I was just that excited about it, I will post it anyways.


Hello friends! I don’t really have anything important to say, but because my dad is am A+ Southwest passenger, he gets free wifi and I just think blogging from 30k feet sounded cool. So here we are! I guess now I’m officially starting a new, better kind of “mile high club.” The blogging mile high club. Who’s with me!? Hoorah! We can even come up with a secret handshake if you want.

{Please pause while the captain makes a quick pit-stop in San Antonio. Insert elevator music while I wait (non)patiently in my tiny airplane chair.}

Okay kiddos, we’re back in the air! Last flight I had an empty middle seat and the cutest dad in the aisle chair playing with his wife and precious children across the way. Couldn’t help but smile at them constantly. Awkward? But this flight I’ve got the most precocious little twelve year old boy sitting beside me. He is wearing a Charlie Sheen hat which he calls “the hat of awesomeness” and is attacking the Sudoku puzzles in the in-flight magazine. Even the hard ones. He is twelve, people. I didn’t learn to do those things until college! He has every electronic device and book known to man in his black LLBean backpack, which I am pretty sure weighs 200 pounds. Donning tall winter fuzzy socks with black sneakers, orange basketball shorts, and an orange tshirt, this freckle-face kid is winning my heart. But then again, it has only been thirty minutes. We’ll see how long his chattiness is cute. πŸ˜‰

and so it goes,


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