another beautiful bride to be

I am officially rivalling Katherine Heigl’s character in the happy drama, 27 Dresses with all of these weddings I am in and attending lately! It definitely makes me feel like one lucky lady to have so many friends invite me. I feel loved. 🙂

As of now I only have two more this year–one in September and one in November. Fall is my favorite and I absolutely cannot wait! My very best friend from home is getting married September 15th and I it will be a tearful experience seeing she and her love declare beautiful, sincere vows to one another. Steffi and I have been best friends since the 8th grade when Mr. Crowe, our history teacher, assigned us to be partners for a class project. Steffi was that sweet cheerleader “it girl” type, even though she denies it, and I was, in summary, awkward and preferred to wear Nike shorts and a t-shirt to school. We were just meant to be! In high school we played tennis together and eventually became doubles partners.


{here we are with one of our coaches}

When she got a scholarship to play college tennis in Dallas, I cried because that meant we wouldn’t go to school together. We are ying and yang opposites, but our hearts match perfectly. Oh man, I’m getting all mooshy, I’ve got to quit getting so stinkin’ emotional!


{don’t we look cool in our helmets at SpeedZone?!}

Tonight I am heading to her casa to help make decorations for she and Kyle’s splendid outdoor wedding! I tend to be pretty arts-and-craft handicapped so we’ll see how that goes. Thanks to Pinterest, we have lots of crafty ideas to work off of. Maybe something like…



{these pretty little things}


{maybe even these!}

But I dunno. It’s obviously up to the beautiful bride to be!

Can’t wait for September 15th!

{I love me some Steffi! Not so much the dark hair.} 


and so it goes,


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