shindig shananigans

Goooood evening, kiddos! How was your weekend? Don’t they go by super fast? It is kind of annoying, but I suppose that just makes us work hard and look forward to the next one. My weekend was filled with activities… including a very special lady’s birthday!!

It started out with new strings for my my old racket. There’s nothing like breaking in brand new strings!

Then we got an early start to my moma’s BIG birthday at Babe’s with auntie Gail and cousin Elizabeth. Jan turned the big 5-0 this year, which, as you can tell, my dadio was trying to communicate to the camera. Oops, it turned out backwards! Guess she’s turning 05 instead. 🙂

We couldn’t convince the birthday girl to do the chicken dance so we had to settle with this scary cat-eyes picture of the whole table {pre-gorging, of course}.

Mom’s favorite cake from Market Street was next on the menu, flambe style thanks to Tyler’s crafty candle placement {can you see the 50 written in candle beneath the flames?}

Make a wish!

On Sunday we headed to the Ballpark in Arlington to root for our favorite team–the Texas Rangers. We’ll just ignore the fact that they lost on Jan’s birthday. They’ve been rocking lately so I suppose we can cut them some slack.

We had the best time, even with the rain delay and loss.

Remember when you’re a kid and people say, “you look just like your mom,” or “you do {blank} just like your mom,” and you shrivelled in embarrassment? Each year I grow, I realize what magnitude of a compliment that statement actually is, in my case, and instead of rolling my eyes I am amazed. Could I really have a sliver of the class, beauty, grace, love, selflessness, and personality of this amazing woman? Even the smallest genetic similarities with her make me glow with pride. I love her so much!!

Happy birthday, mama!

and so it goes,


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