we the people

I cringe when I look at that title. I am painfully cliché. “We the people of psychoville…unite!” I maybe might be a teensy bit cray-cray. Aren’t all girls kind of sort of?! Some are just better at hiding it or maybe that’s just what I tell myself to make me feel better about feeling like a top of the line, bona-fide (had to lookup how to spell that word, admits the proudest English major in all of the U.S.) nutcase on occasion. Did I say “on occasion?” I meant 9-something% of the time.

{Oh is that too much information to share over the interweb? Maybe probably. Sorry, mom. (Please, no creepy stalkers read this post like they did my friend Whitney’s.)}

Despite my most noble efforts, there are days when I just feel nuts. Don’t deny it, you know you’re the same. Someone needs to lock me up in a room with a comfy bed and a box of tissues and Sleepless in Seattle and let me get it alllll out. I don’t even need a trash can. My dad taught me that it’s okay to toss them on the floor by the bed when you’re not feeling well and the Cleaning Fairy (aka mom) will pick them right up! So there you have it!

Since today is being stubborn, I’m hoping for some magic out of this tea combo. I don’t know about you but sometimes caffeine sends me through the roof into shaky emotional wreckage. Man, I’m so glad I’m being such a Positive Polly this morning! Lucky you [very few] who come across this post.


{We’ll see…I’m a skeptic but a coworker suggested it}

Update: LOVED the tea and it totally worked. Or maybe venting in this post was therapeutic. Or a healthy combo of both.

OKAY, enough of my bellyaching. Later today I have lunch with the marketing peeps in my office (I’m an unofficial member of their team) and we will be eating Thai food. Never have I ever had it before and I have no clue what to get but it reminds me of when I did an internship at a really small PR & marketing firm in Dallas that had primarily restaurant clients. (I am a picky eater to the extremeth degree.) I scrunched up my nose when we were on that first lunch to try a client’s new menu. They brought out every food under the sun all of which were a grand step more adventurous than my safe and sound pb&j. I tried a little bit of everything despite the questionable contents which was lucky because I later learned that my boss would have fired me on the spot had I not. So today I am going to try every little thing the marketing team offers me, just in case. And will make no five-year-old faces. Hopefully.

So since today I am krazy Katie, queen of being dramatic, I am considering doing a juice cleanse. Anytime I am feeling wonky I blame it on my strict diet of peanut butter M&Ms, coffee, and Smarties (literally, that’s mostly what I’ve eaten this past week). I have always wanted to try the Blueprint Cleanse, especially after reading this article from my favorite magazine. But it costs $75 for ONE day. One day, people.


That’s at least a month’s worth of peanut butter M&Ms, so I can’t decide. But it seems cool because they drop off a little cooler with all six of your juices in these cute little bottles (yep, I’m a product of the visually motivated generation). Should I or shouldn’t I indulge? I can’t decide. $75 to benefit my health but let’s be honest, I’ll probably go right back to the candy diet the next day. Let’s pretend that isn’t true though.

Alright that’s enough Katie rampage on the internet for one day don’t you think? As a guy said to end a meeting this morning, “scrum out.”

and so it goes,


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