humble brag: my half marathon

There is a long list of stuff that never gets done in my world. Big organizational aspirations for my overcramped closet, strict diets cutting out gross inorganic foods (Yeah right, like that’s ever going to happen. See yesterday’s comments about my M&M diet.), daring hair cuts, artsy fartsy projects to make a prettier living environment…I bet I could give you at least 10 examples from what I call my “I’m a Dreamer List” right here, right now. These are things I dream up but never do. Oops. But yall have them too, right? Don’t leave me out here on this ledge alone!

One Saturday in March I ACCOMPLISHED one of my “I’m a Dreamer List” items and, not to be too cliché [again and again and again], I felt like million bucks for doing it (although, to be quite honest, I mostly felt sore, but a sore millionaire nonetheless). I ran a half marathon! All four years of college I planned to run this same race and all four years I chickened out, but not this year. This year, I conquered the Bearathon. Here’s where I expect lots of applause and cheering from you. And pats on the back. And high-fives, definitely give me some high-fives. (Yes, I’m fishing for praise. Don’t judge me.)


{Me and the bro post-race}

Since I’m not naturally a runner (I’m pro team sports, all the way…where I can depend on other people and give lots of high-fives to pump myself up), and I had never ever run more than mayyyybe 6 miles in one go before (never ever everrrr 13.1), I made a mental list of things I learned training for this race:

{10 Things I Learned About Running}

  1. There are certain things you just don’t eat before a run. Large amounts of beans, cottage cheese, bbq, and peanut butter will immediately be greatly regretted. (tmi? nah.)
  2. You discover that you can do anything that you set your mind to. Philippians 4:13 is no lie. I am not a runner, trust me, but I did it!
  3. You discover new friends in new places. Running, like all athletics, can be such a bonding activity. I found a coworker who enjoys running and we trained together for the entire 12 weeks and became very close. I wouldn’t have built that relationship had it not been for running! (I’m a clingy, needy, over-sharing, friend-making people person, can ya tell?!)
  4. Running can break distance barriers. My best friend Torie is married and lives hours away but since we decided to run the Bearathon together, our friendship has grown stronger despite the distance. (once again with the clingy, needy…)
  5. Fanny packs are IN style. Who ever decided they were out?!
  6. There are jelly beans with CAFFEINE! Um, how did I not know about this perfect marriage of goodness before?
  7. You can’t suck your stomach in when you run. It’s not pretty but you just can’t realistically do it. No shame.
  8. Running makes excellent conversation for those awkward moments when you don’t have anything better to talk about with a coworker on the elevator.
  9. You can eat just about anything and not gain an ounce if you run enough. You might regret it during the next run though…. (learned that one the hard way after a fun Saturday night cough, cough Katie C!)
  10. I learned that I want to continue to run and challenge my mind and body in this way. I never thought it would become addicting but it truly is!

So there’s my humble brag about finishing my first half marathon. As my boot camp buddy would say, “Sorry ’bout it.”

and so it goes,


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