ho hey

Last week I took a day and a half PTO from work and headed up to The Woodlands for The Lumineers concert. Yes, I know they came to Dallas the next day and yes, I realize I could have just stayed in town and not missed work but a) I never claimed to be logical and b) it felt more like a vacation this way. We had the best time.


I learned that:

  1. I want to move to The Woodlands. There are beautiful trees, cool people, and the Cynthia Woods Mitchel Pavilion is my new favorite place in this world. Wayyyy better than Gexa. Come on, Dallas.
  2. I think The Lumineers are amazing live. Let’s just say that I feel for them the way some crazed fans feel for Dave Matthews Band. #Obsessed. (Yes, I just hashtagged but at least it wasn’t as catastrophic as this one! Poor Susan.)
  3. Some people are party poopers and you just have to not care. This chick beside us looked like an angry toad and I was having lots of fun so I decided to rub off some of my happiness on her (bad idea). I made friendly, upbeat conversation, trying to find a commonality: “gosh, our section is so lame. no one is standing up [while the band is playing].” She replied (grumpily), “well maybe you should have sat in the lawn then.” Excuse me? I had to swallow really hard to hold back the instinctive tears of rejection, but no worries, I just kept on dancing (jumping) and singing along (very badly). She and her fellow grumpy-pants eventually left and never came back to their seats. Whoops.
  4. Mounted Patrol. I never see them in Dallas but we had the best time chatting with the police lady and petting the gorgeous horse while waiting in the [fifty hour long] taxi line.
  5. I can’t think of anything else except that maybe I should reiterate that I will be going to as many concerts as possible at the Cynthia Pavilion in the future. It was gorgeous and had amazing acoustics (is that the right word?).

I love The Lumineers so you should love them too! Support these talented people by buying their self-titled album. Maybe if they see that I gave them this shout-out, Neyla will want to be my best friend. She’s kind of awesome. Girl power!

and so it goes,


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