math for smarties

If each roll of Smarties packs about a 25 calorie punch, how many rolls can Katie eat before deeply regretting her idea of checking out with three bags in the local Wally-World self-checkout line? Yep, I passed that milestone umm…7 minutes ago. This is starting to sound like a complicated math problem from the woes of 8th grade Algebra so I’ll just sum it up by telling you that I cannot stop eating Smarties and that they, in fact, make you more dumb than intelligent and I hope sugary air calories don’t count toward fat (fat chance) or cause me any major problems during my Insanity workout at lunch today. Plus my tongue is starting to get a little numb from eating them all. morning. long. What am I, 10?

Still can’t stop.

Random Thought of the Week:

Question: Is it ever acceptable to perform hygienic chores in an office setting? I have been told that I am a little too sensitive to the matter so I don’t trust my own judgment. But let’s just say…clipping your nails? Is that acceptable to do in an open room of cubicles? Is it more acceptable to cut your fingernails or toenails, or are both “no-no’s” in the office? I am of the opinion that all nose spraying, nail clipping, and pimple popping should be done in the privacy of your own bathroom but I guess I could be wrong. It has happened before (but not often).

Cinco de Mayo!

Last Friday I helped organize a Cinco de Mayo happy hour at my office, complete with cerveza, margaritas, y un salsa/guacamole competition! We had 14 contestants (6 salsa and 8 guac) and each and every entry was muy, muy delicioso.

dip{Chip and dip…my favorite food!}

jen{coworker Jen and my Cali jacket from freshman year of college…bringin’ it back, baby}

I’m so lucky to work in an office where people like to have a little fun.

On actual Cinco de Mayo (not Mexican Independence Day??), I went to Manny’s with Whitney (she posts about her favorite things!) and her fiancé and then we strolled over to the park with their dog, Molly, for some fun in the sun. What did yall do to celebrate?

and so it goes,


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