Nerds are my very favorite sort of folk. My dad’s a nerd, I work with a whole herd of nerds, and, quite frankly, I want to BE a nerd. I try real hard but it doesn’t always take. There are a lot of factors that discount me in this category (i.e. my terrible “factoid” memory) but let’s not get too far into my mess of a brain.

Nerds can sometimes be too smart for their own good {at least that’s my excuse} and “average” people get lost in seemingly simple, everyday conversations. They can also sometimes come off as harsh when they are really just, again, smarter than the average bear. They also oftentimes make corny puns and references that cause us lesser beings to have to rush to Bing something real quick before continuing their discussion. {I have a lot of experience with the latter.}

At work, I write down nerdy things that people say that make me laugh and often catch me mid-drink so I spew water all over my monitor. It gets pretty entertaining around here. However, more often than not, the things I write down aren’t as funny out of context or wouldn’t be funny to an outsider but I think I’ve caught some real gems that I can share with you…I’m not going to tell you who everyone is, unless it’s me. You can think I’m dumb all you want. {I do, in fact, sound like a dumb blonde in almost all of my comments. Reason #57638 I can’t be an affective nerd.}



M: When on a conference call with the India team… “He’s talking out of a “spirit box,” he exclaimed, pointing to the computer. “Or at least that is what a frozen caveman would say.”

L: “I asked her to CC me on that email.”
M: “Don’t worry, she sees you!”

M: “I’m taking my son to a Mine Craft party tonight.”

M: When referring to binding a project to the hard drive… “Ready for some male binding time??

K (me): When I first started at my job and didn’t feel comfortable talking in meetings… “I feel like I sound like an idiot in those meetings…”
A: “Well you wouldn’t sound like an idiot if you had something to say!” (ouch, right!?)

S: “Is it okay if I learn?”

B: On a team building night to the local bowling alley… “This is how I roll, guys!” (rolling his bowling bag to his lane with swag, unzipping it, readying his shiny bowling gear.)

J: “If someone’s standing on a toilet, does that mean they’re high on pot?”


Okay, so those probably aren’t funny at all to you guys but I’m rolling on the floor right now. You should come visit sometime. It’s literally like an episode of The Office or Big Bang Theory every. single. day. I’m Pam and Penny, duhhh. 🙂

Awesome scene for you to watch #1 and #2. You’re welcome.

and so it goes,


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