the day’s excitements

I have been known to email the same person anywhere from four to seventy times in one day. You’re lucky I don’t do that to you in blog posts! Seriously, be thankful.

No, no, for you, I’ll compile all my excitement into one nice, neat leest, as the French would say.


1. The total geeked out side of me HAS to tell you about Microsoft’s big news. Click on it if you are a guy, know a guy, or are a cool girl (like me, obviously).


2. I’m consider myself a high-five champ (thank you, Titan Tennis class of OH-six), but let’s be real, I am far too awkward to not have make at least half of these blunders. Hilarious!

3. My best friend’s amazing younger brother published his first book! I read the prologue today and it is definitely a page turner. Best part? It’s only FIVE dollars on the Kindle. There’s no excuse to not buy it. Click here to purchase The Silent Deal: The Card Game, by Levi Stack. You’ll be SO happy you did. (I’ll be sure to write you a good review once I finish which, if the rest of the book is as good as the prologue, will be very soon.)


4. I purchased this super cute jacket by Lily Aldridge thanks to Cupcakes and Cashmere’s superb fashion suggestion!


5. In case you weren’t aware, this upcoming weekend is a loooooonnnnnnggggg one, thanks to Memorial Day. Only 3 more days ’til the weekend!!

and so it goes,


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