on the road again

In la exciting vida de the Minchews, we headed out on the wide open road last night (Two trips in two weekends for me–I must be making it BIG time. Sarcasm intended.) Arkansas, here we come!

The first shift of the two non-currently daytime working Minchews plus happy, sweet girlfriend set out early in the day, arriving around 5pm while hard-working martyr Minchews left around 7:30pm, making it in around midnight thirty. I was the brave driver of the five-hour late-night escapade (mainly because I complain to the excess about being car sick if anyone but yours truly is operating the motor vehicle) and I managed to down an entire “big bag” of Cheez-Its and a diet coke in the process.

Here’s a “before” pic of the motley crew:

hot or not? NOT.

After arriving fat and exhausted, we hit the h-a-yyyyyy. (Mamaw and Papaw and the whole crew were waiting up for us. Now that’s familia dedication.)

The Worst Six Miles I’ve Ever Run

This morning Michael and I made ourselves wake up way too early to go for a jiggity-jog. It was awful because:

a) we couldn’t handle the six and only made it three miles

b) there are HILLS. I cannot be the only baby when it comes to these monsters but they kill me every time!

c) we were partying at dehydration station and cramped up halfway through the run

Maybe we’ll give it another try tomorrow. In the meantime…

it’s sorta pretty here
the beauty queen didn’t like the hills
nope, not at all

  Let’s hope for a prettier outcome next go-round. Tonight we celebrate Mamaw’s 80th Birthday!!!!!

and so it goes,

Katie, runner extraordinaire


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