birthdays and fireworks

Happy birthday to my mamaw! This fancy lady turned 80 years young today…you would never know it with her always-current style sense and spunky sass. We went to Arkansas to celebrate with her and other family members this past weekend and I was shamed to near tears when we went out to dinner and I wore shorts and flats while my mamaw sported crisp white slacks and her new 6-inch wedges. Can your grandma walk in wedges/heels, still slinging the model-esque walk of her youth? Yeah, I win. (I REALLY hope I got those genes.)

Here are some fun pics of the dinner cake celebration!

dinner at my mamaw’s favorite fried catfish spot
the minchew grandkids posing with the birthday girl
papaw needed to get his turn to pose too!
the lighting of the sparklers…
note: this was a tad bit scary

In other news, Happy Fourth of July Eve!

For firework fun I suggested following Crave’s advice and heading to Addison’s Kaboom Town. I work right on Airport Parkway and our parking garage makes for the best seat to the show for avoiding crowds and making sure you get a good spot to spread out your blanket and lawn chairs. I heard rumor that they were anticipating the festival to be so popular this year that they started turning people away at 30,000. Is that true?? Craziness. We need some new firework shows, peeps. My friend Whitney and her fiancé always go to Flap Pole Hill. I’ve never been but it sounds like a gem! Next year, anyone?


I love Independence Day. Food (really, I’ll take any excuse to gorge), getting together with friends and/or the familiars, and FIREWORKS (love, love, love!). There is something so magical about fireworks, isn’t there? It sounds so cheesy because places like Cinderella’s Castle at Disney World abuse their power and every movie has fireworks erupting during “true love’s kiss.” However, I genuinely buy into the cheeze-whiz. I get all goosbumpy and quiet and reflective when I witness those booming colors erupting in the sky right above me. And then they play those classic patriotic songs and I’m a goner fo sho. Gosh, I love it!

Happy Birthday, Mamaw, and Happy Independence Day to you all!

and so it goes,



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