This comic is really really funny and you should read it.

The Oatmeal:

A coworker sent it to me, knowing I was a wannabe hopeful distance runner. I totally identify with it, especially this part…


While the author is quite hilarious (and a tad crude at times, warning), he also discusses very real aspects of running, like giving yourself time to think and taking your anxieties from a psycho escalation to an “I can handle this” level. I know for me personally, running buys me calmness. I fight the ugly monsters within myself, such as envy, anxiety and worry, fear, and anger. I am forced to take that 30 to 60 to 150 minutes to focus on God and His perspective instead of my own. Clarity sets in and the chemical imbalance is pushed out. As much as I hate running, I love it and respect it just the same.

So take some time this evening and read this comical piece of cleverness!

and so it goes,



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