deeper than i can swim, stronger than i can hold

Weddings are the best, aren’t they? When I was little I didn’t really get why they were all that…when I was a bit older I thought maybe it wasn’t “cool” to be one of those girls who were obsessed with weddings. But now, in my old, ripe age, I shamelessly love them. Dancing, food, drinks, flowers, new friends, old friends, the band, everyone looks beautiful and has a giant smile on their faces, new possibilities, and the start of a new family. Yup, it’s all good.

Last night one of my best friends married her very best friend. The whole weekend was just amazing.

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at Joe T. Garcia’s. Afterward, the girls ventured off to the lake for one last slumber party with the bride before she was officially hitched.

One cool thing we decided to do was for each of the bridesmaids to give the bride a book they most thought depicted true love, with a little sweet personal handwritten note to our friend inside. Whitney (the bride) and I were English majors together back at Baylor so this gift was perfect to suite her nerdiness. 🙂 (it was a Pinterest idea, obviously)

And look what I had the fabulous artist, Jocelyn Jesus, custom make for Whit’s wedding day gift! I forgot to take a picture after framing it so here it is in the raw…

V__CBBE{the couple’s first dance lyrics!}

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful summer day on the lake.

WP_001627  WP_001630{my new favorite sitting spot} WP_001631{just in case it ever gets cold in texas again}

It was a beautiful ceremony and I’ve never ever had so much fun dancing than at that reception! I love this girl and can’t wait until she gets back from her THREE WEEK backpacking trip through EUROPE. Not fair…why they didn’t want to take me with them is a mystery.


Whitney is one of the greatest people you could ever meet. She is genuine, honest, strong, kind, and so much fun. She cares more about her friends and family than almost anyone I have ever met.  One time during a particularly challenging class at Baylor, I cratered and started having a panic attack. Embarrassed and scared, I started out the door to the restroom, praying no one I knew would see me. Whitney quietly followed me out and coaxed me to a state of calm on the floor of that dirty English building restoom. She barely knew me and I wish I could remember the things she said to bring me off the ledge. Before that day I had been really intimidated by her wit, beauty, and intelligence, but from thad day on I knew this girl and I had a bond (anxiety, haha!) that no one could break. Little did I know just how strong that bond would become, and that five years later I would be standing near her groom, watching her walk calmly, confidently, panic-free down an aisle to start a new adventure – marriage.

I love you, Whit-Pit!

Now off to Florida I go for my long-awaited vacation!!!

and so it goes,



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