sunny (rainy) singer island

On Sunday a buddy and I hopped a flight to West Palm Beach, Florida. (I feel really fancy saying that but in reality I’ve been saving up vacation time

Have I mentioned that I love to eat? Because of this fact, there are three things that are extremely important to me when deciding the logistics of a vacation:

1. Finding at least one excellent new restaurant to try. My family tends to plan vacations around food… “Where are we going to eat on day one? Okay, cool, so if we eat there for breakfast, we can go see x and y, then eat there and visit z, rest in the room, and then grab dinner or dessert there or there.” Eating the food of the area you visit is the greatest. This week in West Palm Beach, Florida I am obviously going to want to snag some fantastic seafood but I also have a few other fine dining suggestions to try out.

2. A room with a kitchen. A girl on a budget can’t eat out all the time so finding a room with a full kitchen is essential. When I get in town I enjoy stocking up on ingredients to make at least a couple of meals. Tonight we are making a delicious chicken recipe with some greens!

3. A quality gym. Yeeeeah. Because I revolve my life around food, a gym is essential. I love jogging outside but if the weather isn’t cooperating or you need to use other equipment, a nice, clean, spacious gym is a wonderful perk. Funny story: tried to run along the beach this morning and it started storming like I’ve never experienced before. It was really fun trying to sprint back to the resort after running 4 miles in the sand. Not.

Exhibit A, B, and C of the less than desirable beach weather, taken from the suite of my balcony.




and so it goes,



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