project dallas date

After being home from Florida for .5 seconds,

I decided it was time to get busy with a new fun project.

So I schemed with my brothers to set our parents up on a cute date!

My mom has been working really hard lately. She’s a realtor with Ebby Halliday

We forced her to take Saturday afternoon off for an all day affair!

Via four cute little cards (if I do say so myself) we sent them to…


where they dined on New Orleans Style Beignets, the Classic Eggs Benedict, and of course,




Lakewood Brewing Co.

where, for $10, they enjoyed live music, a tour and free glass, and four tokens to taste the local brews.

(they only used a one token each, but still a bargain!)


The brewery is a little hard on the eyes from the outside, but warm and welcoming on the inside – much like an m&m.


Don’t let appearances deceive you. Go on in.

Bishop Arts District

where they crossed the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on a beautiful Saturday –

a perfect day for taking a leisurely stroll to work off all that food and sips of beer.

They nibbled some goodies at Dude, Sweet Chocolate,

WP_20130921_016 (1)

found the perfect guest room headboard at Simply Austin,

browsed the plethora of cool t-shirts at Epiphany for Men


and then – SURPRISE – found Tyler and me saving a table at…

Lockhart’s Smoke House

Despite our early arrival, we still had to save our seats from being stolen for

over half an hour while waiting for them to finish cooking more meat (they ran out that morning!),


and then an hour in line to order.

But it was more than worth it.

There was a sign saying that I would be charged $1.29 for taking pictures of the behind the scenes cutting action so I chose to be frugal and just take a pic of the messy finished product.


The habanero mac n’ cheese is SO hot.

Don’t order it unless you are very very brave.

They had such a fun day!


I highly encourage you to go to any and all of these places this fall while the weather is too good to be true.

and so it goes,



One thought on “project dallas date

  1. Sounds like a wonderful surprise day after having such a hard week at work. So sweet of you children to arrange this for your mother.

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