not gold, not silver – bronze radio return

Let me get this party started by telling you that I am by no means a music expert.
I think Spotify is the greatest invention of all time because I can secretly mooch off my friends who have good music taste
instead of begging them to make me a mixed tape
(which is absolutely what I did in high school….).

This is what led to the discovery of Bronze Radio Return.
And oh my word.

I saw them and Graham Colton in concert last night at the Prophet Bar in Dallas
and was mesmerized by their talent.

Graham Colton and band led the Wednesday night off bravely,
playing solid jams and attempting to rev the too tame Dallas crowd.
They didn’t play the one GC song I knew (Best Days) but I am quick to forgive,
especially since they gave us sneak previews to the new album and practically free EPs after the show.


Then on came Bronze Radio Return.
Since you can’t hear *squeal of delight and awe* on a blog
I’ll just tell you that I think they are six of the most talented guys I have ever seen in person.

I might be slightly in love with the keys master, Matthew Warner.
It’s a really mature, non-high school, don’t write it in your diary kind of crush.
And who plays the banjo or harmonica anymore? Oh, this guy – Craig Struble. and oh so fantastically.
Lead singer Chris Henderson is out of sight with his stage presence and unique voice,
Drummer Rob Griffith rocks your socks off during his solo run, and
lead guitarists Patrick Fetkowitz and bassist Bob Tannen dazzle you with flying fingers and out of sight skills throughout the show.
You pretty much feel like you are present at one of their private “jam sessions” every minute.
It was incredible.


Unfortunately, Wednesday is a “school night” and I had to leave before meeting the bands…I probably wouldn’t have had anything cool to say anyway.
“Um, er, hi, my name is Katie and I have no musical talent whatsoever but I think you’re really great.” – drool drool, gush.
Meh, probably better for my pride that I had to peace out.

and so it goes,


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