sweating like the pros


Guess What?

You don’t have to be an ancient Roman muscle-crazed maniac
to make it through a training session with Camp Gladiator.
Although it would definitely help,
It’s just not in my genetic makeup to be that studly.
I am able to be a CG contender despite my terrible eating, heavy breathing, pronetothrowup self!

Friday night Kelsey and I denied all invitations out and about and to the newly opened Truck Yard
to help CG celebrate their 5th anniversary at Cowboy’s (AT&T) Stadium.


CG’ers from all over Texas – the country – the globe(!)
showed up to train together in one place.

We ran routes, kicked field goals, crunched, and burpee’d our hearts out
until we couldn’t stand to do a single pushup more.

The self-guided tour to the player and cheerleader locker rooms, press area,
and pretty much anywhere our legs could take was the perfect pre-game excitement inducer.
Then Kelsey’s friend who works at the stadium
led us on an even more behind the scenes tour after the party.

We felt pretty cool.

I mean, who else gets to sweat on the same AstroTurf that the professionals sweat on.
I probably did “sexy spiders” on the same ground where Dez Bryant catches touchdown passes.
No big deal.

Unless I am lazy (which happens all too often)
I usually attend Camp Gladiator every morning at 5:30 in the American Airlines Center parking lot
with Mason and JP or Tyler and Laila, some of the best trainers in Dallas!
Sign up and meet me there to get your booty kicked into gear.
Best workout you’ll ever do, promise!
(And, bonus, your jeans will fit better.)
I recommend it to everyone I know.
And no, CG did not sponsor this post. I just love them that much. 🙂

and so it goes,



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