mirror mirror, appear on my wall

{Long post. Ready, set, go.}

One of my favorite bloggers occasionally blogs about
her good friend, who is a cute and talented designer with her own design company.
Every time she does, I end up going to the website and obsessing over this mirror.

mirror 1

It’s just too perfect!

And then one of my favorite stores
sends me an email every day full of new bobbles and fashions, dresses and frocks.
I want to scoop everything up on the spot…
-especially this dress-


But I don’t think my credit card would appreciate that.
Or rather, I don’t think I would enjoy living off of
humus, pretzels, and water for the next few weeks.

But – perfect timing –
just as I try to rationalize spending money I don’t really have on this awesome home accessory and dress,
I am reminded of Solomon’s words in Ecclesiastes.
“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless. Everything is meaningless!”
As you can learn on a deeper level from this blog post and this Can’t Get No Satisfaction sermon, Solomon was referring to worldly possessions.
Solomon was the richest, wisest, most sought after man in his day.
He was the king that all the other kings wanted to be.
He had a 700 wives and 300 live in girlfriends* (yeah, I know, ew).
He made a BILLION dollars in gold each year*.

So this mirror I’m dying to buy is like a tin can to him.
And his clothes probably had rubies and diamonds sewn into them
so this dress would be his frumpy “laundry day attire.”

And he was STILL depressed and called all of these things meaningless
when it came down to it.

Blogs and facebook and Twitter and Instagram and all the other social media sites out there
show us things we don’t have.
Awesome trips, pretty clothes, new homes, meet-ups with famous people, a new speed bike, and so on.
It’s very easy to glorify those things and see them as
defining our lives.
But none of it matters.
If whether I had the $30 pleather pants from the Rack or the $300 rag & bones
determined whether or not my friends were my friends then…
…well, I would need to make new friends.

I don’t think home décor and cute clothes have zero value
(on the contrary, I think they are both very valuable!).
Looking nice and presenting a nice home are both important to me,
but it is important that I remember my priorities.
Living wisely and spending what God has entrusted to me wisely
is more important to me than finding pleasure in fleeting things.
(Oh but I love those fleeting things! Like a dog to his vomit!)

So until this mirror magically appears on my wall and dress into my closet (cough, cough – my birthday’s coming up, mom and dad),
I will remember that the dress will tatter and the mirror can break and that there are more important things in life.
It’s a tough lesson to learn,
especially with so many pretty things out there!

{okay, dismantling my high horse now.}

and so it goes,


*information obtained from The Porch blog


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