all roads lead to I35

I35 can get you pretty much anywhere.

A few years ago it was the construction-peppered road that led to college,
to visit friends from high school at their universities,
or to a weekend trip in Austin.

But now that we are all grown (hah!),
do you ever feel the need to get out of Dallas,
to leave the predictable city
where you know the restaurants, the people, the exact sequence
of what you will do/with whom/what the outcome will be,
and find yourself, once again, on that same road?

I sure do.

Typically the person who is passionate about schedules, traditions, and sturdiness – who
you can always count on to be somewhere when I say I will,
I occasionally get extremely burnt out on predictability and
go rogue on all my plans to add a bit of spontaneity in my life.
(This is usually a time when I most listen to bands like Bon Iver and read – lots and lots of reading.)

This weekend I took a much needed trip to visit my brother in Temple.

october 2013 055

Since I know no one uses Temple, Texas (just thirty short minutes past my beloved Waco) as their exotic vacation destination,
I’ll settle for telling you places to go as you stop by on your way to Austin or Houston.

Enter the magnificence of J Kowboys.

Quaint and warm with pink exposed brick, dim lighting, and comfy lounge chairs surrounding
coffee tables instead of your usual unfriendly, stuffy table and chair setup,
J Kowboys has a memory for its customers.

october 2013 032

Upon our settling in, we were immediately served wine, waters, salad, and menus.
To be fair, I’m almost certain Michael is a weekly customer, but it is still impressive
that they remembered his name and order to T.

october 2013 033

The spaghetti and meatballs is a must-have.

The owner is a quiet but hilarious if you get him talking.
If you have the time, sit back and have a chat with Jet or the intriguing chef.
And while you’re relaxing, check out the plethora of unique artwork donning the walls,
all one-of-a-kind pieces for sale.

When you become antsy, play a game of darts
or stroll outside and down the street that’s sprinkled with odds-and-ends shops
and old metal benches.

As you head out of downtown Temple
on the short road back to the highway,
smile and be glad you were part of this fun little town for a while.

More to come on your new favorite pit-stop off of I35 soon!

{also see where to brunch in Temple here!}

and so it goes,



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