where the elderly go to brunch

ACL just passed us by and we are already halfway through the best month of the year.
That’s a fact, not an opinion. October eats every other month’s lunch!

As I mentioned in this post, sometimes it’s really nice to get out of the city.
This weekend is Baylor Homecoming!!
I used to get all caught up going to George’s and Vitek’s and Schmaltz’s and Food for Thought
during each visit to the Wack, but now that I’m old and sophisticated
(and don’t want to deal with the massive crowd of people that will certainly be there)
there’s only ONE place I want to dine.

Dead Fish Grill

october 2013 067

It’s a tad out of the way
in Belton, Texas
but their Sunday brunch with bottomless mimosas
and to die for bacon makes it well worth the gasoline.

october 2013 085

october 2013 081

And seriously, if you find out the secret to the bacon, you really need to let me know.

october 2013 080

The French toast is also mmm-mmm good!

So if you’re an elderly alum like me, and don’t want to spend your morning headache waiting with all the children at the local Baylor restaurants,
dine superiorly at Dead Fish Grill. Drink mimosas, be merry, see the view.

october 2013 100Explore the nearby park and hike down to the beach in your Tory Burch flats like a dum-dum.

october 2013 104

Take goofy pretend “reflective” pictures by the water…

october 2013 125

…And above all else…


october 2013 056

and so it goes,



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