a little help from my friends

This epic (such a cliché word, I know) song by the Beetles
is one of  my theme songs.
Do you have a theme song??

My brother often tells me that I’m a mix between Jess from New Girl
and Mindy from The Mindy Project.
I think it might have something to do with a few of my quirks,
such as singing to myself and having too many awkward life moments to keep count of.
Whatever, I think I’ll take it as a compliment.
Both of these characters are strong and have awesome friends,
which is a blessing I definitely count daily.

Lately I have felt SO much of the love Jess and Mindy receive from their fake TV friends
from my real life ones.

I’ve received sweet birthday surprises from my soul mates.


Won 2nd place in a Chili Cookoff with these cool chicks.


Celebrated the marriage of sweet friends, with sweet friends.


Enjoyed long, lazy Sunday brunches at my favorite spot with a friend who finally moved back to Dallas!


Cheered for the Baylor Bears ’til our lungs gave up with the new roomie.


Celebrated and shared Jesus with friends, new and old, during Unashamed Weekend.


Received surprise healthy lime green juice gifts from friends who don’t judge my grunge.


Received soooo many selfies from a best friend I don’t get to see enough of in person.


Enjoyed amazing live music with the ones who know me best.

photo 1


and retreated to Lake Conroe with the most intentional, challenging, and giving life mates.


So, yeah, I’m not complaining.
Garth says he’s got friends in low places and that’s cool for him,
but all of mine are on the up and up and create more joy in my life than a person could ever hope or ask for.

So, in the spirit of fall and Thanksgiving and being daily reminded of how
amazing, powerful, and loving my God is,
these are the things (people) I am most thankful for.

and so it goes,


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