baby, it’s cold outside

FINALLY the weather is chilly here in Dallas.
And it’s not just chilly, it’s freezing!
{Although I admit to being a big baby in any cold weather so my judgment
might be a tad skewed.}

As might be true for you too, my very favorite thing about this weather are the leaves and getting to gather around a fire with friends and/or family.

fire{image via}

Since the temperature dropped, I have been making every excuse
to enjoy both of those as often as possible,
in real life AND in my dream world.

As an occasional unrealistic dreamer, one of my favorite games to play is
called (read self-titled) “Dream Vacation.”
On my retreat to a cozy resort on Lake Conroe with my community group,
we sat around the dimly lit dinner table with a bottle of wine and
continued in never-ending circles to describe in great detail our multitudes of dream trips,
all revolving around great food, friends, adventure, and beautiful scenery.

Note: This is an excellent game to get the conversation going in any social setting.

Sometimes our dreams revolved around light, airy dresses,
bicycles, baskets of fresh foods, and ocean views on the coast of Italy;
And sometimes we dreamed of flannel and old cabins, snowy
nights spent cozying up with friends, board games, and lots of laughs.

In celebration of the season, my current dream vacation
takes place in Switzerland.
That day five million years from now,
I will have either been seeking adventures Canyoning in Interlaken
(really high on my bucket list!)
or snowboarding the day away on the Alps,
but the day would always end up in a warm pub with a hot meal,
tasty beer, a crackling fire, and good friends laughing about the adventures of the day.

I know Aspiring Kennedy has had pretty awesome adventures in Switzerland,
don’t just trust a Texas dreamer, check it out!
And maybe someday you and I will join her in moving that trip from the “Dream” to the “Reality” list!

What’s on your bucket list?

and so it goes,



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