the happiest new year

In past New Year’s Eve celebrations,
I have watched drunken weirdoes cannonball into pools,
seen gallons of confetti polka-dot the air, awkwardly cheering with a bunch of total strangers,
and watched the ball drop while fighting a pet pig who is trying to nibble my feet.

While all infinitely entertaining, no year compared to 2014, which was summoned by a sky full of stars and cool, clean air, and me–surrounded by only the best of friends.

Happy, happy, happy and oh-so blessed.

2013 and 2014 230 2013 and 2014 231 2013 and 2014 236 2013 and 2014 241 2013 and 2014 245

With a few (cough cough physical) exceptions, I guess things sort of get better with age. I can’t wait to see what God’s got in store for me this year.

Happy 2014, everyone!

and so it goes,


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