monday funday


It’s Monday Monday Monday, the day that we say sayonara to the secret escape hatch that is the weekend, and hello to the big yellow door to the workweek. Hello all things stressful, sleepy, and important, goodbye lazy, dazy, crazy.

These days, because of some major office renovations, I have had the privilege of working from home (wfh) full time. This surprise treat comes with some side effects, some good, and some bad. Let me break it down for ya, in case you too get the opportunity to work from your casa.

Good: Better Beauty Regimen. I paint my nails a lot more often now that I work from home. Gotta put that time [between taking notes during meetings] to good use!

Bad: Worse Beauty Regimen. When you wfh, there’s no one to impress but the dog so showers may fall to the way-side from time to time. Scout doesn’t mind, do you, bud?


Good: Productive Lunch Breaks. My house is cleaner, dishwasher emptied, and laundry cleaned and folded all before 6pm!

Bad: Productive Lunch Breaks. Two words: online shopping. Eeks. Because of the increase in ponytails and decrease in makeup, online shopping is a lot safer than going out in the real world.

Good: Better Dining Options. When you wfh, it is much easier to eat healthy meals. You can grab the frozen grilled chicken and broccoli from the fridge to bake while you work and voila!

Or, rather…

Bad: Better Dining Options. When you wfh, you can constantly eat…junkfood. My roommate made a big batch of puppy chow for the Super Bowl that barely got touched during the game. Guess who polished off a good chunk for breakfast this morning? Acceptable? It’s cereal, right??

So, as you can see, working from home has made me an antisocial, iffily clean, fatty. Hope it goes better for you.

Only joking, it’s the best!


This weekend it was fun celebrating the athleticism of a whole bunch of guys who played football in chilly weather while I bundled up on a warm comfy couch, chowing down on pork tacos. Oh, the irony.

I used this recipe by The Pioneer Woman and it was a huge hit!


Have a happy Monday!

and so it goes,


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