hump day heartbreak

It’s so easy to celebrate Wednesdays because they mean we are one step closer to Friday!
But some people find Wednesdays just as difficult as any other day of the week.
Maybe they are going through a tough time in life
or maybe they are just having a wonky week (like me),
but when I read this passage this morning, I felt a little chunk of calm.
No matter where I am, what is going on, and how many million hour, over my head tasks that work hands me, God is with me.

Phew, thank goodness!

isaiah 40


And he is with you, too, in whatever circumstance you may find yourself.

Other pick-me-ups include:

This hilarious buzzfeed of Jimmy Fallon thank you notes
jalapeño grilled cheeses
My friend Mari’s blog about her favorite books
This running tank
The dream of wearing this with these when it decides to get warm again

Okay, I’m all cheered up now!

and so it goes,



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