it’z-a pizza pie!

In the spirit of race week, I’ve sucked it up and made the extra effort to plan a few meals for the week. Healthy (ish) meals, might I add.
And since healthy/clean/normal eating is my lifelong struggle, like Jo and her temper,
you should be really impressed with what you are about to witness.

Home Cooked Pesto, Buffalo, Prosciutto Pizza Pie

The main players:
Pillsbury thin pizza crust
your favorite store bought or homemade pesto
buffalo cheese
about 1/4 pound proscuitto
two eggs (if you want to get fancy–and we did)

{please pardon the hideous photography below}


Before messing with all that, we diced up lots and lots of fruit to add a little bit of health to the pizza part.


Then we cut the cheese and prosciutto into itty bitty bits. We did this while the crust was baking for five minutes, as instructed on the tube.


Then we spread about half of that tub of pesto on the crust, added all the toppings, and put it in for another 8ish minutes. Then, magic happened when my sous chef suggested a sunny side up egg on top of all the other goodness. We whipped that up real quick and added it to the pizza when there were about 2 minutes left on the timer.


With a giant pile of fruit salad, it was the perfect meal!

Next time maybe we’ll make our own dough and pesto, but in the meantime, bon appetite and hooray for leftovers!


and so it goes,



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