Well race week is officially here. My roomz and I are running the
Rock ‘n’ Roll half in Dallas this Sunday and I, for one, couldn’t be more nervous about it.

This is my second half marathon (my first was in Waco last March), but for some reason I’m just as nervous for this one as I was for my last.


Before I became a “real runner,” my mean hateful sweet younger brother (pictured above) would joke about needing to hold a cookie in front of my face to get me to jog.
{Don’t worry, it was all said in good fun. Plus, he was probably right.}
Nowadays I don’t need much inspiration because I actually enjoy running.
Plus, there are tons of benefits, like being healthier and not huffing and puffing embarrassingly when walking up a flight of stairs.
{Just kidding, I probably still sound like a fat kid after walking a flight of stairs.}

But for this race, maybe a little old-fashioned runspiration is
just what I need to get over my nerves!
Therefore, L and I have decided that upon completion of our race, we will dine
at the good old fashioned Maple & Motor
and then make these M&M cookies with OreosΒ or peanut butter cups happily baked inside.


That should promptly replenish, and maybe even double, our 1300 calorie burn,
don’tcha think?

and so it goes,


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