yo go girl


I’ve maybe been told a thousand times that yoga is really good. And really really good if you’re a runner.
So on the one thousand and first time this was mentioned, I bought a Groupon.
I find that Groupon is the easiest way to give something a try without a full commitment. I love half commitments because then I can say I tried but still back out. #realconfession #yourewelcome
Also, I’m just plain bad at yoga and who enjoys doing things they’re bad at?!
Not me.

Finally, after a month of procrastination, I made my way to an early morning
Vinyasa Flow class at my local Lakewood Yoga studio.
Side note: What the heck is “vinyasa flow?” Beats me. I was definitely not flowing.
I know I sound ignorant. I know it. But for me, yoga just sounds like a bunch of hippy-dippy made up mess with a little bit of false religion thrown in there.

BUT! (yes there is a but) I tried it.
And call me a stick in the mud before because I really, thoroughly enjoyed it this time!

The class was challenging. The instructor was so helpful and gave the girl who can’t even touch her toes (cough cough, me) a block to help with some of the positions.
I was able to strengthen and stretch parts of my body that typically get ignored.
I learned that sweating can be accomplished standing in one 5×2 area.
And I used the end meditation part to talk to my God,
King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I talked to him about my day,
about my worries, about how I was about to head home and read some Romans and Ephesians and asked him to teach me a little extra today.
It was a really great few minutes that I got to spend alone, yet not alone, with Jesus.
Not to mention, I am still feeling the result of the class two days later.

I think I just got told.

So thank you, everyone who ever suggested I try yoga.
You were right, I was wrong, I’m sorry.

and so it goes,


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