Yesterday was race day! I post a few details on my running page,
but here are a few more of the rocky details…

The Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll Half was awesome.
The course was so cool and gave you a really neat street view of the city.
And even though I live here, I saw tons of places that I never would have
noticed before, which was pretty darn cool.

Our cheering squads made the day extra special,
driving to different mile markers to cheer us on and take embarrassing running pics, like these.





My mom and dad even came and cheered!
It was like they were on the sidelines of my soccer matches, yelling and passing out orange slices, all over again. I loved it, and even got to give them both a big high-five as we booked it down the street.

After the race, we were posing for pictures, drinking chocolate milk, eating Jimmy John’s mini sandwiches, and covering up from the chilly weather (in our wet clothes) with these cool trash bag-looking things.

rnr9{L says, “brrrr rabbit!”}

rnr10{I say, “How far away is the car?!”}

It was really great running that distance with a friend.
The quality time spent training together is something that I really cherish.
And then pushing each other to perform to their personal best on race day,
to not give up, to get through that weak moment, to press on to the next water station, etc.
can really solidify a friendship.
{But I’m a mooshy one.}
L and I are each so busy during the week that running is often our only time together.
I’m so glad I have a roommate who runs!

Our finish time was 2:12:12, which is a 10:06 minute mile.
Right on target with our goal!

All in all, I would definitely suggest training for and running the Dallas Rock ‘n’ Roll.
If you’re looking for a good training program, we used Hal Higdon’s half marathon training.
Good luck!

marathon photo{source – don’t worry, I’m going to buy it!}

and so it goes,


2 thoughts on “#winning

  1. YAY Katie!!!!!!!!!!! Great job!!! Elizabeth and I were right behind y’all at 2:44. I’m going to train for the Wounded Warrior 10k in June….hoping to get fast!!! You’re welcome to join!

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