the taj mahal of brownies

I’ve always wanted to see the Taj Mahal in person.
As my mom points out, there are so many places to go see besides going to India,
but for some reason that place has always intrigued me, and I know I will visit someday.

The Taj Mahal is pretty much the crowned jewel of India,
with its strong, beautiful marble, romantic, yet sad reason for being built,
majestically adorned interior, lengthy construction time, and so on.

[Even though this comparison is quite a stretch,] just as Shah Jahan (Prince Khurram) was dedicated to building this tomb for his
deceased love, I have been dedicated for several years to someday building the equivalent in brownies–the so-called “slutty brownies.”

Don’t trust their given name. After you see ingredients, you will be equally intrigued.

I based my batch off of this recipe from The Londoner.

Here are the main players:

photo 1

You can make your own homemade cookie dough and brownies but I was shooting for simple and this is as simple as it gets.

First, preheat your oven to 350 degrees.

Then mash the entire roll of dough on the bottom of your dish, like so.

photo 2

Now plop on the Oreos. No need to be OCD about the rows but whatever floats your boat.

photo 3

Next, mix up that brownie batter, per the instructions on the box. Mine called for one egg, water, and vegetable oil. Do what your told, then pour it over the cookie creation, nice and easy…

photo 4

It’s lovely. You’ll want it to be spread out pretty evenly by the end of it all.

photo 5

Put it in the over for 30 minutes then let cool for as long as you can stand and behold the goodness that you have just created.

photo 7

I’m envisioning mine with a giant scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla but I guess I’ll make that step optional.

Also, maybe next time I will use a smaller pan or more cookie dough so the bottom portion is a little thicker. Change it up to whichever way you like. Bon appetite!

and so it goes,


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