are you the heroine?

 Confession: I am a huge sucker for books designed for readers way below my age group.
Harry Potter, Twilight, Narnia, Hunger Games, Night Circus, and now…

Well, the whole series, actually.
I’m just finishing up the third book in the Divergent series,
which I’m finding much better than the second but still not as thrilling as the first.
Since so many hours have already been dedicated to this teenage story of love, deception, war, and betrayal, mi amiga Katie and I decided to take a half day for her birthday to go see the much anticipated movie on the day it was released.

Katie and I have a history of doing things like this.
We stole precious final exam study time junior year of college to go see the Hannah Montana movie.
We’re really mature.
{boom boom clap, boom-di-clap-di-clap}

divergent2{there’s nothing like a fuzzy selfie}

We had a great time playing hooky from the office and celebrating her birthday with some good old fashioned teenage heroism, complete with free Divergent armband. Bonus!

divergent3{too cool for school work}

The thing all of these addictive books have in common is bravery.
Are you brave enough to pick a guy who respects you like Edward respects Bella? Are you brave enough to lead a revolution when it isn’t the popular or safe thing to do like Katniss? Are you brave enough to own your own thoughts and not conform like Tris?
Granted, there are some parts of these books that I would not want my someday daughter to emulate, but these characters have many respectable qualities.
Plus, they are probably going to read Emma in school and I would rather them have a little spunk against misleading, evil authority than be spoiled, meddling, and self-absorbed like Emma.

{Imagine me hopping off my little tangent stage now.}

See Divergent. At least on Redbox. You might just surprise yourself and learn a thing or two.

Are you the hero or heroine of your world?

and so it goes,


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