before you run a marathon

Who’s on your team?

Race car drivers have a crew,
tennis players have ball boys and coaches in the stands,
golfers have their caddy,
soccer, basketball, football, and the like have teammates and coaches.
But when you’re running,
it’s just you.

I’m sure you are strong enough to do it on your own,
but everything is better with a team.

I think it is in our human nature to want to carry the world on our shoulders.
To not have to rely on others.
We feel strength in facing our weaknesses alone,
and crave the independence that we were not designed to weather.
God designed us to need Him, and to need the companions He places in our lives.
And despite the fact that running is a solo sport,
it also allows you a season of
“discovering your team!”

Maybe it’s a friend texting you good luck
or a parent cheering at the 8th mile marker.
At the Rock ‘n’ Roll, my parents
drove down for the early Sunday morning race.
It was just like the old days of select soccer!
I’m so lucky to have them.
Even the one and only Kristen Dee hauled
puppies, husband, and lawn chairs to the street to cheer us on!


Maybe it’s your significant other
making an entire meal of carbs for pre-race dinner,
or sliding you a piece of strawberry gum as you trudge by.
{Thank you, Brent and Christopher, for tracking
your half-crazy girls across Dallas on Sunday morning!}

2{#teamLaurenandKatie} The brothers and their crazies. So thankful.
Should that be a hashtag?! Oh well. Too cliché anyway.

So whether you’re running 3 miles or 13 (or 26…dummies),
gather your people and let them show just how much they care.
Because when your on that 12th mile and are ready to quit,
knowing there are people running the race with you
makes all the difference in not giving up on your goal.

and so it goes,


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