eat:dallas {mercat bistro}

Recently we’ve had birthdays to celebrate,
half marathons to run,
fun family visits,
lucky, green holidays,
and wedding adventures galore,
but sometimes, isn’t it nice to have some downtime?

We spent Saturday doing *only* things that we considered doing “nothing,”
like running a few miles or playing tennis or throwing a Frisbee.
The hours flew by in the sun,
and as time passed, we became more and more anticipant
(aka my stomach was making some scary noises) for our dinner plans
at Mercat Bistro that evening.

We had heard amazing things from a friend/family member (Thanks, Vicki!) and had been trying to find time in our busy weekend schedules since January (!) to try it out.
So surely you can imagine our excitement.

mercat1{“Please stop taking my picture. I’m very busy looking over the menu, and you should be doing the same.”}

Despite being in the middle of the busy city, Mercat is pleasantly
quaint and quiet, allowing for the perfect escape from the business in which we drown our lives.
I guess it’s a good sign that I can’t remember what music was playing in the background because that means it wasn’t loud enough to be intrusive.
We just enjoy each other’s company, and this was the perfect place for a nice, long, chatty dinner date.


If you are not familiar with me, you don’t know that I can’t end the post there.
I have to share pictures of the food with you.
It would be mean to not share these suggestions with you.


Get: Shishito peppers.


Do not skip this item!
I had never had them before this night and will never overlook them on a menu again.

Get: Warm Goat Cheese Salad


We enjoyed eating the fig and pecan crusted goat cheese on the toast more than the green stuff, but if I hadn’t eaten all of the peppers, this salad would be to die for.

Get: Mussels–Prince Edward Island


This was my first time to ever eat mussels and I can’t believe what I’ve been missing.
These were the perfect flavor, and dipping the warm toasted bread in that creamy sauce…mmm!

Get: Braised Short Ribs


You can almost never go wrong with this dish, right?
We loved the combination of the sweet green apple shavings with the salty beef, which was super tender.

Get: Pan Seared Cobia


I’m new to loving fish and this was delish (chuckle chuckle)!
To be honest, I couldn’t keep my fork away from the braised short ribs across the table,
but that doesn’t mean this dish wasn’t tasty too.

So hit up OpenTable and make your reservation for Mercat Bistro.
I’m dying to go there for brunch sometime soon to try their Banana French Toast
or a Strawberry and Chantilly Crepe with a side of espresso!

For other awesome Dallas dining suggestions, visit my eat:dallas page, or for a more extensive and up-to-date list, visit the OpenTable Dallas Restaurant page!

and so it goes, katie


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