runway ready

I LOVE to fly.


I am not going to pretend like I travel a lot.
I don’t.
But when I travel, I tend to:
a) get way too excited, and
b) majorly over-prepare and over-pack for the flight.

I started packing for the airport yesterday and I don’t leave until Friday afternoon.
That’s three days of weird preparedness.
For a ONE HOUR flight.


But I love lists and being prepared so here’s a few things I’m bringing in my green turtle backpack. OH, maybe I’ll class it up this time and bring my pretty leather Madewell tote.

Le List:

Socks because who knows
Easy shoes to slip on and off so I don’t make the security line unbearable for everyone
Hair ties
Pants because airports are cold and I don’t like sitting for so long in shorts in those gross seats because they ride up (TMI?)
Gum or else I’m an ear poppin’ jaw achin’ mess
Evian spray (just kidding, I’m not this fancy)
Makeup Necessities, such as mascara because this girl be looking rough after a flight, no matter how short
Books (plural! I guess this is where the Kindle comes in handy but I’m still partial to the good old paperback.)
Water Bottle which is obviously purchased post gate entrance
Advil so headaches don’t make me grumpy for my flight-mates
Snacks, like Twizzlers, which are the bomb-dizzle
Pen and paper because what if a good idea happens or you need to doodle
Headphones because sometimes you need to check out
Chapstick, always and forever my best friend
Gift for your host/hostess, plus wrapping

See, I told you I put too much thought into the airport part.
Maybe I should start focusing on what I’m actually going to wear this weekend instead of what snack I’m going to have on the plane…


and so it goes,


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