little conversations

Lately I have become entirely too self-sufficient.

I believe that life should be lived in constant conversation with God.

All the greats chatted with God on a regular basis–Adam, Noah, Moses, Abraham, Paul, and then of course, Jesus, THE great.
So I figure it’s a pretty good idea.
However, I feel pretty safe in saying that very few of us actually do this.
In my quiet times lately, I have been especially convicted in my lack of daily discussion with my Creator.

I decided to give myself a little test.

In my tennis match last night, I thought, “surely I can chat with God the entire duration of the match.” Matches only last about an hour so that seemed simple enough.

Not so.

I found that daily life habits bled into that minuscule amount of time.
Things like not remembering I need God when things are going well,
pleading with God when things are going poorly,
forgetting to talk to Him altogether, etc. reared their nasty heads.

When I was winning point after point, I would pat myself on the back. “Woohoo, this is fun!”
When I needed a little help, I would protest, “Come on, God, here we go, please help me get this one in.”
And then there were other times we would switch sides with the opponent and it would dawn on me that I hadn’t spoken to Him that whole game. Fail.

By the end of the match, I finally got the habit down and was asking Him his will at each moment.
But it took the entire match and all intentionality I could muster to form that habit.
Why is it so difficult to remember our Savior in the little moments, much less the big?

My hope is that forming the little habit of consulting God in my one hour tennis match
will form into a big habit in my daily, moment by moment life.
So that I am trusting Him in every little decision from where to go to lunch to where I should work.

I hope you are aspiring to do this as well.
Think what a better world we would live in if everyone you came in contact with was constantly consulting the Creator of the Universe,
who takes care of the birds of the air and knows every hair on your head!

Food for thought.

and so it goes,


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